Punch List – Week of 21 June 2010

For those of you unfamiliar with the term “punch list,” here is a little wikiness for you. A Punch list is generally a list of tasks or “to-do” items. In U.S. construction industry, a “punch list” is the name of a contract document used in the architecture and building trades in the United States to organize the completion of a construction project.

For us a punch list is basically a flow chart showing tasks in the order that they need to be completed. It is good to have someone around like Kindra that enjoys creating good punch lists.

Punch lists can be pretty intimidating. After all who likes to look at an exhaustive list of tasks to perform before a certain date. I am only going to share with you the “short” punch list for this week.

  • pour earthen countertops (kindra, sara, aaron)
  • pour finish floor in straw bale bedroom (kindra, sara, aaron)
  • pour finish floor in living area (kindra, sara, aaron)
  • seal concrete finish floor in kitchen and bathroom
  • screen sleeping porch (john, kindra)
  • install paver tile porches (lucas)
  • electrician visit
  • utility company visit

This list doesn’t include all tasks, some major, that might be required to complete the larger task. For example to pour the living room floor will also require that sand and clay be procured and processed. Sand is purchased, hauled, and then screened. The clay is broken up into small golf ball sized chunks and then processed through a hammer mill and screened. These can be hard time-consuming processes that take place in the background.

Usually the most qualified crew member that is free takes on the most urgent list item and enlists other crew members as they become available to help. You might notice that my name is noticeably absent from most tasks. I am lucky enough to be sick this week. I will be working even further in the background doing administrative work.

The current crew consists of Kindra, John, Aaron, Sara, and Lucas. It is a good thing the days are long right now as there is a formidable amount of work to be done each day.

A special thanks to Aaron Ralls for the photography of the “Hunt Cob Project”



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