Status Update June 27, 2010

A short update on our current and future projects.

We will finish up the Hunt Cob Project this week leaving a few things to dry and tie up.

We will move to an Austin Straw Bale Project that will involve us placing bales and lathe that should only take two to three weeks.

Our Fall Straw Bale project appears to be taking shape. The foundation was poured last week. They should have the framing done by the time the our portion of the Austin Straw Bale Project is complete. We expect to start shortly after the first of August.

We may not get the opportunity to visit New Mexico this summer. 🙂 We are hoping to establish the solar hot water for the radiant floors. Our friend Thomas at TechSun is designing the system.


~ by curryjc on June 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Status Update June 27, 2010”

  1. Great blog, you two! Love the photos!
    Let’s talk about a DBL field trip to your Hunt project sometime when you will be able to be there.

  2. Great Photos of great work.
    I’m trying to figure out which ones are the Kerrville site.

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