Janet’s Wall Sconces

We recently finished a project in the Hill Country in which each crew member was asked to design a pattern for a wall sconce that would be symbolic of themselves. On a visit over the holidays we were able to see the finished project installed on the exterior of the house.

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Thank you Janet for being so incredibly thoughtful.


~ by curryjc on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “Janet’s Wall Sconces”

  1. hi there! christina ott gave me your contact info! i learned cob from ianto evans and built a little chapel for a neat lady in our fair state…georgia…then married and built a cottage in our backyard (the blog address above). we are now moving and alas, selling our house and cob cottage outside athens ga and buying land and wanting to build another cob house…and complete it this time! you’ll notice we haven’t finished the first one =) anyway…we need this one to be coded and to pass a planning permission…christina mentioned you might be able to help me find an engineer? or have some ideas of how to present this to our folks here in columbus? any help would be so appreciated…and i love your blog so glad to have been led here! clare adams

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