Love ATX / Interdependence Festival

I recently received an invitation through Facebook for the Love ATX / Interdependence Festival.

We all get plenty of invites through FB and so many have to go ignored. We just can’t make every band, party, celebration and event that shows up in our inbox.

What caught my eye was the large selection of Yoga and music being offered. Something everyone on the crew can appreciate. It also was not going to compete with fireworks, an orchestra or the family on July 4th.

The more I investigated the more I liked the shape the festival was going to take. Love ATX has a mission statement which we feel has merit. Mainly that it tries to use local collaboration and idea exchange as a conduit for creating healthy communities. And for a donation instead of charging admission, anyone can go.

The more I wanted to go the more attention I began to give to the schedule of speakers, workshops and musicians. I quickly realized that they needed a presentation on shelter, specifically Natural Building, a community that addresses shelter through the lens of locally available, sustainably harvested materials that can be used to build healthy shelters. Not to mention it’s most attractive componet, the super awesome beautiful aesthetic.

So I signed Kindra and I up to give a slide presentation and discussion on the merits of Natural Building and invited a bunch of friends.

You are invited too if you happen to be in Austin on July 3rd or feel like making the trip.

Love ATX / Interdependence Festival



~ by curryjc on June 28, 2011.

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